Video Sales Tip: Top 1 Way Ducks Can Teach You How to be Resilient in this Economy

In my previous blog, SalesTip Video: Using Data (and Humor) to Improve Leads for Sales, I used UFO’s to show how important it is for Sales to share more hard data with Marketing to help in the “Lead Flow Circle Of Life.”  Today, I’m going to be far more succinct.

The lesson here is simple at 1,000 different levels.  Regardless if it is the economy, pressures within your organization or failures between departments, you need to get through that storm as fast as you can, regroup and trek forward.  Good luck to everyone in 2011 who keeps this video in mind when the going gets tough.  Please share this touching, poignant, yet hysterical perspective.  I laughed ‘til tears ran down my leg.

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