An established SaaS B2B leader with 16 years of working in emerging market start-up environments developing closed loop, multi-million dollar Sales and Marketing lead generation campaigns. A highly skilled and nimble online marketing team leader, web developer, social media thought leader, multi-media producer, big data integrator and reportingand analytics wizard focused on helping organizations generate large numbers of highly qualified leads for in house sales teams with track and optimizing revenues back to marketing and PR spending. Big Data and metrics driven results achieved from utilizing industry best practices, home grown reporting and tracking algorithms to increase revenues, reduce cost per lead, increase close rates, report and maximize customer life time values across all campaigns. Management of multiple teams within a matrix organization, including international offices, remote employees, consultants, contractors, internal and external agencies to execute roadmaps within appropriate deadlines. Successful track record of helping position B2B companies for additional funding or acquisition.

Skill Sets
• Online lead generation strategies and business models
• Interactive Marketing & Lead Generation Tracking systems
• Website strategies, information and data architectures
• Analytics / Reporting / Campaign Management
• Thought Leadership Building
• Drip Marketing and Email Campaign
• Data Segmentation and Analytics
• SEO & SEM Expert
• Social Media Technology & Strategy
• Branding, Rebranding, Relaunching
• Digital Video Production
• Interactive Demo Production
• Tradeshow / Live Event
• Windows IIS/Apache Management
• Site Operations for large hosting applications

• Expert Level
o PHP & ASP / VBScript
o Excel & Power Point
o Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere
• Skilled Level
o Windows Server
o MySQL/SQL Server
o jQuery, CSS, C++
• Managed Level
o Apache Server

Campaigner Email Marketing / j2 Global Senior Marketing Manager 2010 –present
Senior Marketing Manager
Interactive Marketing Director

• Increased revenues 189% 2014 YTD vs 2013 with only a 28% increase in budgets for Campaigner
• Successfully executed a “pivot” to go up marketing creating the same number of leads worth an average of 75% more
making better use of Sales & Support’s time and resources, as well as reducing our CPL 20% and our CPA 12%.
• History: Joined Landslide Technologies in 2010 as an investor/senior management team member
• Rebranded the company from a niche “sales process solution” to a mass-market CRM that prioritizes sales process
• Automated online product provision, created real-time sales and marketing lead and $3MM campaign tracking
• Leveraged big data to help forecast Customer Lifetime Values, pinpoint upsell opportunities, optimize campaigns
• Developed thought leadership platform, social media, email marketing automation, and webinar programs to accelerate the
sales process (
• M&A team for successful acquisition by j2 Global in 2011 and rebranded to CampaignerCRM
• Assigned to relaunched and manage the marketing team for Campaigner Email Marketing (Ottawa, Canada) with the goal of
optimized growth and data integration (

Colored Spots : Creative, LLC Creative Problem Solver 2011 – present
• Provide creative strategies to improve and/or optimize corporate environments, infrastructures and campaigns
• Integrate desperate technologies and prototypes to achieve unique solutions to create
• Leverage big data to identify inefficiencies within existing systems
• Specializing in clean, elegant and attractive tradeshow environments, live event production, energy efficiency, system

Contactual Interactive Marketing Consultant 2008 – 2009
• Evolve messaging and branding, from startup mentality to bigger competitor in the VoIP space
• Optimize for online lead generation and real-time sales rep engagement
• Developed tracking and dynamic content for campaign optimization
• Positioned for growth to a full time Marketing Department and position them for acquisition
• Acquired by 8×8, Inc., in 2011

Mzinga Vice President of Interactive Marketing 2007 – 2008
• Founding management team member for Mzinga (, a mash-up of KnowledgePlanet and SharedInsights
and Prospero (formally Ultranet) into a Social Media / Online Learning platform servicing over 1 billion transactions per
• Leveraged online channels and trade shows to drive large volumes of qualified leads through our site to sales reps in realtime
• Designed and deployed social media strategies and webinar programs to educate prospects to the value of online learning
and social media integration
• Designed Lead Nurture programs to convert the large volume of prospects into qualified leads for the sales team

Socius Interactive Marketing Consultant 2007
• Angel Funded
• Launch messaging and branding as a start-up in the Intranet 2.0 space
• Deployed website optimize for real-time procurement of your own Intranet
• Developed tracking and dynamic content for campaign optimization

SpringCM Interactive Marketing Consultant 2006
• Angel Funded
• Launch messaging, branding, and initial tradeshow as a start-up in the hosted document management space
• Deployed website optimize for real-time lead generation for hosted document tracking and management software
• Developed tracking and dynamic content for campaign optimization

IntraNetics / / WebEx / Cisco Director of Interactive Marketing 1998 – 2006
• Began in 1998 as Sr. Webmaster at IntraNetics (In-house Intranet CD Software)
• Rebranded 1999 and launched as in just 9 weeks (SaaS Intranet)
• Managed a marketing team and worked with Product to integrate marketing and product upsell features within the product.
• Served on the Site Operations team with 24/7 pager duty to manage hosting, improve performance, trained in disaster recovery
and extensive hosting redundancy and security models and protocol and maintained a 99.9% uptime
• Built and managed many iterations of our website, branding, rebranding, tracking systems, UI/UX optimization, SEO & SEM
optimization, created DHP technology in lieu of cumbersome landing pages.
• Data mining our customers associated with our campaigns to leverage best LTV per campaign (and sometimes creative)
• Built to over 1.1 million customers with
• Aided the acquisition by WebEx in 2005, rebranded
• Took on and products and crafted matching branding across the three products
• Aided the acquisition by Cisco in 2006

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